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Python Programming Course in Abu Dhabi

We are offering best Python Programming Course in Abu Dhabi. Python is a universal programming language. Its language intends to assist software engineers with generating clear, sensible code for little and huge projects. It serves a lot of purposes in the IT industry, from software to web development and many other industry applications.


There are plenty of institutions which are offering python training in Abu Dhabi, but when it comes to quality and expertise then there is no substitute to our python training at Galaxy Computer Education and Training Institutes. Getting training from Galaxy Institute will help to understand basic and advanced core concepts skills in Python programming.


We believe in quality education for our students so we make sure to hire industry experts for teaching. Students after Python certifications at Galaxy will be able to explore more opportunities in their programming career.

Python Programming Course Outline

  1. Why Python?
  2. Running Python Programs
  3. Python Scripts
  4. Data Types
  5. Numbers and Variables
  6. Operators and Expressions
  7. Strings
  1. Lists
  2. Indexing and Slicing
  3. Tuples
  4. Dictionaries
  5. References and Copies
  1. Assignment Statements
  2. Blocks and Syntax Rules
  3. Expression Statements
  4. Multiway Branching
  5. Looping, Decisions
  6. Control Flow
  1. Defining Functions
  2. Scope Rules
  3. Global Statements
  4. Closures
  5. Argument Matching
  6. Passing Arguments
  1. Imports and Attributes
  2. Creating Modules
  3. Namespaces
  4. Reloading
  5. Module Packages
  6. File I/O
  7. File Scanners
  8. Files and Directories
  9. File Positioning
  1. Classes, Instances, Methods
  2. Static and Class Methods
  3. Invoking Methods
  4. Method Objects
  5. Inheritance
  6. Abstract Classes
  7. Polymorphism
  8. Method Overloading
  9. Properties
  10. Factories
  1. Exception Keywords
  2. Exception Statements
  3. Raising Exceptions
  4. Catching Exceptions
  5. Propagating Exceptions
  6. Finally Blocks
  7. Built-in Exceptions
  8. Exception Classes and Objects
  9. Exception Hierarchies

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