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Adobe InDesign Courses in Abu Dhabi

Welcome to Adobe® InDesign, a powerful design and production application that offers precision, control, and seamless integration with other Adobe professional graphics software. Using InDesign, you can produce professional-quality, full-color documents on high-volume color printing presses, or print to a range of output devices, such as desktop printers and high-resolution imaging devices, or export to a range of formats including PDF and EPUB. Writers, artists, designers, and publishers can communicate to a broader audience than ever before and through an unprecedented variety of media. InDesign supports this with its seamless integration with other Creative Cloud components. Learn layout design, typography, and publication creation using Adobe InDesign.


Enhance your graphic design skills and create professional designs. Join now for the Adobe InDesign Course at Galaxy Computer in Abu Dhabi! Unlock your design potential with this comprehensive course. Don’t miss this opportunity to excel in the world of design. Enroll today and embark on a transformative learning journey!

Adobe InDesign Course in Abu Dhabi

Adobe InDesign Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Indesign
  2. Understanding difference between Raster and Vector drawings
  3. Color modes Grayscale, RGB, CMYK etc.
  4. What is resolution, standard resolutions for different environments e.g. print, web etc.
  5. Creating files for print, web and mobile
  6. Touring the interface
  1. New documents
  2. Guides and measurements
  3. Adding text frames
  4. Typing and editing text
  5. Choose a better workspace for editing
  6. Applying basic text formatting
  7. Importing graphics
  8. Saving and reverting documents
  1. Inserting, deleting, and moving pages
  2. Creating and applying master pages
  3. Overriding master page items
  4. Changing page size and margins
  5. Setting bleed and slug guides
  6. Adding page numbers
  1. Importing text
  2. Threading text frames
  3. Setting text frame attributes
  4. Inserting special characters
  5. Using the Story Editor
  6. Checking spelling
  7. Using FindChange
  8. Putting text on a path
  1. Options when placing images
  2. Using the Links panel
  3. Editing graphics in their original app
  4. Cropping and fitting graphics
  1. Resizing and rotating objects
  2. Duplicating objects and making grids
  3. Moving objects above or below each other
  4. Creating and controlling layers
  5. Aligning and distributing
  6. Understanding text wrap
  7. Using anchored objects
  1. Applying advanced character formatting
  2. Using Find Font
  3. Applying formatting to a paragraph
  4. Using drop caps
  5. Adding rules (lines) above or below
  6. Setting tabs and tab stops
  7. Spanning and splitting paragraphs
  8. Adding automatic bullets and numbers
  9. Using FindChange for
  1. Creating a table
  2. Adjusting rows and columns
  3. Formatting a table
  4. Formatting cells
  1. Adding hyperlinks
  2. Creating an interactive PDF
  3. Exporting to the web with Publish Online
  1. Designing a table
  2. Adding fields to a table
  3. Adjusting rows and columns
  4. Formatting a table
  1. Using the Print dialog box
  2. Exporting a PDF

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