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Adobe After Effects Course in Abu Dhabi

In the fast-paced world of media and entertainment, mastering Adobe After Effects is essential for creating captivating visual content. Step into the captivating world of motion graphics and visual effects with the Adobe After Effects Course in Abu Dhabi. Explore the art of creating stunning animations, dynamic titles, and mesmerizing visual effects. With the guidance of our expert instructors, delve into hands-on projects and gain valuable insights. Whether you’re a beginner seeking to expand your skills or an experienced artist aiming to refine your techniques, this comprehensive course will elevate your abilities, this course is designed to elevate your abilities and open doors to exciting career opportunities. So, Enroll now with Galaxy Computer Education and Training Institute in Abudhabi.

Adobe After Effects Course in Abudhabi

Adobe Illustrator Course Outline

  1. Launching Adobe After Effects
  2. After Effects Layout
  3. Starting a New Composition
  4. Importing Footage
  5. Basic Tools
  6. Basic Layer Transformations
  7. The Timeline
  8. Importing contents from Adobe illustrator and Photoshop
  1. What are Keyframes
  2. Position Animations
  3. Position Animations
  4. Opacity Animations
  5. Size Animations
  6. Rotation Animations
  7. Easy Ease – Animation
  1. Working with Shapes
  2. Creating Shapes with Mask Tool
  3. Editing a Mask
  4. Using the Pen Tool
  5. Mask Animations
  1. Using the Shape Tool
  2. Shape Fill & Stroke
  3. Editing Trim Paths & Merge Paths
  4. The Repeater Effect
  5. The Wiggle Paths & Offset Paths effect
  1. Layer Style – Drop Shadow
  2. Layer Style – Inner Shadow
  3. Layer Style – Glow
  4. Layer Style – Bevel and Emboss
  5. Layer Style – Overlays
  6. Layer Style – Stroke
  1. About the Puppet tools
  2. Adding Position pins
  3. Adding Advanced and Bend pins
  4. Stiffening an area
  5. Animating pin positions
  6. Parent & Link animation
  7. Working with Null Object
  1. Adjusting color balance with levels
  2. Adjusting color with the Lumetri Color effect
  3. Color-correcting using Auto Levels
  4. Motion tracking the clouds
  5. Color grading with adjustment layer
  1. Green Screen Basics
  2. Keylight
  3. Adding a Background
  4. Cropping and Green Screen
  5. Color Correction and Green Screen
  1. Understanding Alpha Matte and Alpha inverted Matte
  2. Working with Luma Matte and Luma inverted Matte.
  1. Time Warp Effect Introduction
  2. Slow down entire animations with Time Remapping (or speed up!)
  3. Time – Freeze Frame
  4. Time – Stretch & Reverse Time
  5. Time – Remapping
  1. About text layers
  2. Creating and formatting point text
  3. Using a text animation preset
  4. Animating with scale key frames
  5. Animating type tracking
  6. Animating text opacity
  7. Using a text animator group
  8. Creating lower thirds/ intro and outro
  1. Creating 3D text
  2. Using 3D views
  3. Importing a background
  4. Adding 3D lights
  5. Adding a camera
  6. Extruding text in After Effects

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