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AutoCAD 3D Course in Abu Dhabi

Our AutoCAD 3D Course is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge to create dynamic and visually compelling 3D models using AutoCAD software. Through hands-on training and practical exercises, you will learn advanced techniques for designing and visualizing three-dimensional objects, spaces, and structures. From creating complex geometries to applying materials and rendering realistic renderings, this course will enhance your proficiency in AutoCAD 3D and expand your design capabilities. Whether you’re an architect, engineer, or designer, this course will empower you to bring your ideas to life in the third dimension. Join our AutoCAD 3D Course in Abudhabi and take your design skills to new heights. Enroll with Galaxy Computer Education and Training Institute in Abudhabi and unlock the potential of 3D design.


AutoCAD 2D Course Outline

  1. Understanding and navigating in 3D workspace
  2. Using view control and view cube
  3. Using visual styles
  4. Working with model space viewports
  5. Creating Solid primitives
  6. Move, rotate and Scale object using gizmo
  1. Extrude command (Surface & Solid Mode)
  2. PressPull, Boundary, Region Command in AutoCAD 3D
  3. Polysolid command – How to convert AutoCAD 2D plan in 3D
  4. Understanding User coordinate system (UCS) in 3D
  1. Boolean Operations (Subtract, Union, Intersect, in Autocad 3D)
  2. Thicken, Loft, Revolve and Sweep Command
  3. Extrude, Taper and Move Face
  4. Copy, Offset, Delete and color Face
  1. Fillet and Chamfer edge
  2. Shell Command
  3. Slice Command
  4. Interfere command
  5. Extract, Imprint, colour and Copy edges
  1. Understanding XY Plane
  2. Direct distance entry
  3. Absolute coordinates
  4. Relative coordinates
  5. Relative polar coordinates
  1. 3D mirror command
  2. 3D array command
  3. Align objects
  4. Visualizing solid with sectional planes
  1. Understanding Mesh and its parts
  2. Creating mesh primitives and mesh surfaces
  3. Making a 3D sofa with mesh modeling
  4. Understanding Mesh editing tools
  5. Making surface using Extrude, Revolve, Sweep and Loft
  6. Planar and Network command
  1. Applying materials to 3D solids
  2. Customizing material properties
  3. Placing Cameras and making views
  4. Adding interior Lights and making quick Rendering
  5. Adding Sun, Geolocation, date and time
  6. Adding environment presets and Sky background
  7. Creating and saving renderings as image file
  8. Making animated walk-through video

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