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AutoCAD 2D Course in Abu Dhabi

Our AutoCAD 2D Course is designed to equip you with the necessary skills to create precise technical drawings using AutoCAD software. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to enhance your drafting abilities, this course provides comprehensive training in 2D design techniques. From understanding the user interface to mastering drawing tools and commands, you’ll learn to create accurate layouts, annotations, and dimensions. Through hands-on exercises and practical projects, you’ll gain the confidence and expertise needed to excel in various industries, including architecture, engineering, and construction. Join our AutoCAD 2D Course in Abudhabi and unleash your creativity in the world of technical design. Enroll with Galaxy Computer Education and Training Institute in Abudhabi and embark on a path towards professional growth and new career opportunities.

AutoCAD 2D Course in Abu Dhabi

AutoCAD 2D Course Outline

  1. The application menu
  2. The ribbon and panels
  3. Dialog boxes
  4. The status bar
  5. Using workspace
  6. Working with the file tabs
  7. Using the navigation bar
  8. The shortcut menu
  9. Using zoom and pan
  1. Setting drawing units
  2. Setting drawing limits
  3. Osnap and Otrack
  4. Using grid and snap
  5. Polar and ortho command
  6. Drawings Lines and Polylines
  7. Using dynamic input
  1. Circle
  2. Arc
  3. Rectangle
  4. Ellipse
  5. Spline fit, Spline CV, Construction Lines
  6. Donut
  1. Selecting objects
  2. Using move and copy
  3. Using rotate and scale
  4. Creating and using arrays
  5. Using offset and mirror
  6. Using stretch and lengthen
  7. Using trim and extend
  8. Using break and join
  9. Using grips and grip editing
  10. Using boundaries
  11. Using fillet and chamfer
  12. Using divide and measure
  13. Editing polylines and splines
  1. Understanding & drawing with the Eraser tool
  2. The Pencil tool
  3. The Shaper tool
  4. Drawing with brush tool
  5. Difference between scissors and knife tool
  6. Improving paths (smoothing)
  1. Using the hatch command
  2. Using the gradient
  3. Editing hatches and gradients
  1. Using the layer tools
  2. Working with layer states
  3. New layers and the layer dropdown menu
  4. Using hide and isolate
  5. Changing the line weight & type scale
  6. Working with object properties
  7. Using Groups
  1. Single line text and multiline text mtext
  2. Text properties
  3. Dimension styles
  4. Dimension Types
  5. Automatic dimensioning
  6. Using continue and baseline
  7. Using leaders, multileader
  8. Dimensioning simple designs
  1. Creating and inserting a block
  2. Using the explode command
  3. Redefining block definition in a drawing
  4. Using Design Center
  5. Using wblock
  1. Designing a table
  2. Adding fields to a table
  3. Adjusting rows and columns
  4. Formatting a table
  1. Working with xrefs
  2. Editing xrefs
  3. Altering and clipping xrefs
  4. Editing xrefs in place
  5. Working with pictures
  1. Printing and plotting
  2. Adding new layouts and scaled viewports
  3. Creating a simple titleblock
  4. Defining your page setup
  5. Exporting a PDF

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