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C++ Programming Course in Abu Dhabi

C++ is the most powerful and flexible object oriented programming computer language which is used for operating systems, compilers, interpreters, search engine and graphic programs. We offer this course to help students clear their C++ concepts through a combination of theory and lab practice

C++ Programming Course Outline

  1. Object-Oriented Fundamentals
    • Programming Paradigms
    • Conquering Complexity
  2. C++ Basics
    • Built-in Types, Arrays and Pointers
    • Comments, Keywords, I/O Streams
    • Built-in Operators and Control Constructs
    • Dynamic Free Store Operators
  3. C++ Functions
    • Definition and Prototypes
    • Inline Functions
  4. Structures and References
  1. Encapsulation
    • Data Members, Member Functions
    • Private and Public
  2. Constructors and Destructors
    • Default Arguments
    • Storage Allocation and Deallocation
    • thisPointer
    • Copy Constructors
  1. Overloading Functions
  2. Overloading Operators
    • Unary and Binary Operators
    • Initialization vs. Assignment
    • Stream Input and Output
  1. Inheritance
    • Public Inheritance and Subtyping
    • Base and Derived Classes
    • Constructors and Destructors
    • Base Class Initialization
    • Using Protected keyword
  2. Virtual Functions
    • Base Class Pointers and References
  3. Dynamic Binding
    • Abstract Base Classes
    • Pure Virtual Functions
    • Virtual Destructors
  1. Containment
    • Objects as Data Members
    • Member Initialization
  2. Private Inheritance 
    • Base and Derived Relationship
    • Access Declarations
  1. Templates
    • Template Functions
    • Template Classes
  2. Exceptions
    • try, catch, throw
    • Exception Hierarchies

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