Language Training Courses in Abu Dhabi

Language Training Courses

In this era of globalization and information technology. Where the world is dynamically evolving into a virtual global village, communicating effectively is the key to success. Language is very often the barrier for effective communication whether it is doing business with foreign nation, pursuing academic goals taking up attractive job offers where your technical skills are suited but your language skills are not.

On the other side, several skills are also require for executive secretaries, administrative assistants, administrator and executive secretaries like business writing, presentation skills, meeting skills, telephone skills, customer care, negotiation skills, time management and interview skills.

Here at Galaxy Computer Education, we have arranged special training program that fulfills the varying requirements for student as well as professionals seeking for excellent on above said skill.

  • Business English
  • Spoken English
  • Spoken Arabic
  • TOEFl
  • OET
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