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IELTS Course In Abu Dhabi

Best IELTS Training Center In Abu Dhabi

IELTS or ‘International English Language Testing System; is an international standardized test of English language proficiency. It tests ability to communicate in English across the globe. We are conducting the coaching classes for IELTS Academic Version and IELTS General Version. IELTS Coaching will certainly help you to develop your four skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing) and excel as a professional.

Galaxy Computer Education is the Best IELTS Training Center in Abu dhabi who is planning to sit for the IELTS exams due to following unique benefits

Interactive lessons with audio and transcripts
Exclusively language lab modules with audio
Up to date with IELTS latest standards
Better than a real classroom

Welcome to the most effective IELTS preparation course available

What does your course include?

  • Interactive course of instruction covering
  • All IELTS academic module in language lab set up
  • Practice test in listening, reading writing and speaking
  • IELTS study tools with latest standard
  • Regular updates
  • Exciting interactive sessions with audio


Course Length

The course duration is 40 Hours and it can be completed in one month

Course contents

IELTS Academic - Listening, Reading, Essay & Report writing, Speaking Interview practice
IELTS General – Listening, Reading Essay & Letter writing, Speaking Interview



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