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Autodesk Revit Structure is designed specifically for Structural Engineers and Technicians, where the advantages of BIM are combined with unprecedented levels of multi-discipline communication potential and an easy workflow for handling client revisions and design development.

By using Revit Structure tools, it is easy to develop an accurate structural model of a real-world, four-story commercial project. You will develop a structural project from the very beginning and see its completion through all aspects of BIM modeling. This course teaches you how to update the Revit model elements, add annotations, set up detail sheets, create framing elevations and to create a completed set of structural construction documents for a project.

Students will gain from this course:

  • Ability to work in a 3-dimensional drafting environment and create 3D models of construction assemblies and buildings.
  • The goal is to teach the student to create, modify, analyze and document their structural parametric model
  • The student will learn how to create levels, work with walls, sections, elevations and create floor framing, roofs, steel frames, foundation slabs, footings, grade beams and stairs
  • The students will learn to prepare and use analytical models that content information of Structural Columns, Structural Framing elements (such as beams and braces), Structural Floors, Structural Walls, and Structural Foundation elements

Course Duration

Course Duration is 30 Hours

Course Contents

  • Introduction to Revit
  • Creating Foundations
  • Using Autodesk Revit Structure Project Set-up
  • Creating an Elevator Pit
  • Structural Columns
  • Creating Floor Plans
  • Floor Framing Structural Beams
  • Structural Reinforcement
  • Beam Systems
  • Documentation
  • Creating Floor Decks and Slabs
  • Legends
  • Creating Walls
  • Schedules/Quantities



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