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Adobe Audition is a professional audio application that combines advanced digital audio editing and multitrack recording in the same program. This unique approach integrates the two elements so that, for example, audio used in a multitrack project can be edited with great detail in the digital audio editor, then transferred back to the multitrack session.

This course covers many features in Adobe Audition, and how to apply them optimally in real-world situations. It addresses audio and music professionals who depend on Audition’s tools to accomplish a variety of tasks, as well as videographers who want to become more involved in the process of creating, editing, and sweetening audio intended for video productions.

Throughout the course, examples using digital audio clips created specifically for this course give practical, hands-on experience that brings to life the theory presented in the course materials. Even non-musicians will learn how to create music using sound libraries and loops in conjunction with Audition’s extensive toolset for sound creation and editing. You’ll even learn how to do rough testing of your room acoustics prior to mixing, using tools within Audition.

Course Length

Course Duration is 30 Hours

Course Contents

  • Audio interfacing
  • The audition environment
  • Basic editing
  • Signal processing
  • Audio restoration
  • Mastering
  • Sound design
  • Creating and recording files
  • Multitrack editor orientation
  • The multitrack mixer view
  • Editing clips
  • Creating music with sound libraries
  • Recording in the multitrack editor
  • Automation
  • Mixing
  • Scoring audio to video



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